The Abraham Erb's Grist Mill is available through the City of Waterloo,
for small wedding ceremonies with a rustic feel, for up to 75 guests.
The rental fee is $75 + tax  for a 1.5 hour time slot.
(These costs may be out of date.)

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Love Handiwork is now on-line!

My Handmade Creations feature:

 Etched Glass Housewares, Fused Glass Housewares,
Fused Glass Jewellery, Etched Glass Tile Signs,
Slumped Glass Bottles, Coin Jewellery Pieces, Abstract Paintings,
Concrete Creations, Hula Hoops, Knitted Pieces, 
Soap, Fizzy Bath Bombs, Lotion Bars, Lip Balms,
Dog Paw & Snout Balm Wax
and more...

I hope you will find something you LOVE!

You can find my shop at:

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